Want to join an Enrolment Day webinar?

Applicaa run a lot of webinars on how to get the best out of their software…

If you want to join one - check out what they offer at the link below:

Dear School Leader​

Many thanks to everyone who completed our enrolment survey and let us know which areas you find most difficult to prepare for enrolment. We’ve taken that on board and prepared the following guides and training sessions.

Enrolment Guide 1

Enrolment Day Overview

Enrolment Settings

Customising your Enrolment Form

Reviewing Option Blocks, Grade Requirements and Class Sizes

Writing your Enrolment Day email template

Using your test system, FAQs, Troubleshooting.

Weekly training sessions Thursdays 2pm from April 27th to May 25th.

Please choose a date that suits you here. Full training guide here

Enrolment Guide 2

Suggested emails for students

Waiting List emails

Enrolment guide for students

Importing student grades

Enrolment day flow for all staff

Transferring data to your MIS

Connecting Bursary 16+ to Admissions+

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Weekly training sessions from Thursdays 2pm from June 8th to July 20th.

Please choose a date that suits you here. Full training guide here

MIS Transfer in detail

Preparing and transferring data to your MIS.

SIMS dates - Arbor dates - Bromcom dates - iSAMS dates - Cloud School

Guides are available in this section of the Knowledge Base


Getting ready for the new cycle, refresher training, linking A+ to B16+

Fortnightly training sessions Weds 2pm from June 14th to July 12th.

Please choose a date that suits you here

Year 7 Transition Features

Continuing the series from last term, covering the Sorting Hat, CTF Chaser & Transition Tool.

Remaining sessions Weds 2pm fortnightly from April 26th to May 24th.

Please choose a date that suits you here

Please note that for schools in your first cycle, you are encouraged to meet with your CSM on a 1:1 basis in addition to these training sessions to make sure everything is covered and you’re confident & raring to go!

For all the above sessions, if you register you will be sent the recording and guide directly even if you don’t attend.

With best wishes


Customer Success Director

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Thanks @jeff.clark

Is there a way to get a schedule or more info without having to log into Hubspot?

Sorry - I hadn’t realised that link was behind a password-protected site. I’ve copied/pasted the document into the forum here - should work for you now!

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