Transition Tool

Dear all

How many of you have already used the Transition Tool? If you are able to share your experiences and any recommendations you have, that would be great.

Thank you


Hi Elaine, have you used it yet …could you tell us more about the transition tool?
How has it helped you?


I’ve not used it yet so would love to hear from anyone who has.


Used it at a previous school last year for incoming post-16 students - we sent out a request for any safeguarding comments or contextual info (as the info can only be accessed by staff with a login, so it feels secure) it then allowed me to pull an excel sheet which I could then share with the pastoral team.

We got a pretty good response actually, but I am always super-conscious of adding workload to already busy safeguarding teams, so I think I will only ever use it sparingly for key info.

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Great to hear you found the export to csv functionality useful thankyou for sharing :blush: