Reporting on Offered Subjects - Post 16

We’ve been using Admissions+ since September so are still relatively new to the software.
We are a sixth form College offering 40+ subjects and need to be able to report on the numbers of students who have been offered a place on each course. This is different from the number of students ‘interested’ in a subject.
In an ideal world we’d have another column in the Subjects Summary table on the homepage but sadly you can’t customise this information.
Can anyone suggest how we can report on this easily? Students can choose up to 4 subjects but might rank them differently so I’m not sure its possible to create a report with this data.

Hi Mel. If you go to the ‘Timetables’ tab (near the top left), this should show you that information, and you should be able to generate a report by doing an export. Hope that makes sense! - I’m a year in and still learning!

Thank you Jo!
I did find this out last week and should have come back to update this. This ‘timetables’ tab has been really helpful.

Ah no problem, I’ve been off so I only saw the notification today. It really is helpful, and the ‘Enrolment report Tab’ is really useful at enrolment.

Hi Jo,
Wondering if you can help…? We’ve noticed that Timetable Overview tab seems inaccurate. We’ve reported to our Account Manager but wondered if you had a workaround? The ‘offered’ numbers dont filter out withdrawn applications, following receipt of an offer from us, so the number shows anyone who has ever been given an offer.
We’re relying on manual checks but we have over 70+ subjects so this isnt workable. We’re trying to work out staffing/class sizes etc
Any suggestions?