Have you heard of the Sorting Hat?


I wanted to ask if anyone has used the new Applicaa Sorting Hat feature yet?

I used to spend hours trying to sort out new class groupings - creating spreadsheets with teachers, in advance of new pupils joining in September,

Trying to balance out parent requests, trying to ensure we didn’t put certain pupils in the same classes for example.

Applicaa’s new Sorting Hat feature now does this in a few clicks, you simply input key considerations and they hey presto Applicaa does the rest!

Has anyone used it yet?

Yes, I used it for our new Year 10’s. It worked really well and did sort using the parameters set. One problem, because Applicaa is always sorted by forename, (these were not one of the parameters we specified to be sorted on) one form had 5 students named Ella in it. I would advised sorting by the Surname if possible before you use the sorting had. My only problem is that I could not import the newly sorted forms into our MIS but I believe that is a feature that is coming.

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Thankyou so much for your feedback Vanessa, we can look into enhancing the platform when we receive such great information.

Great to hear you find the Sorting Hat really helpful, it used to take me hours to sort class groups out in my school :school: