Half term Admin

Hi All

Do people work through their half term and if so what key tasks would you suggest that I try and achieve to get ahead of the game for summer term 2?

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The affectionate name we use at our school is ‘a lifer’ cos some of our support staff (inc me!) are here all year round so I will be working this half term :joy:

I will be ensuring that our parent list is uploaded correctly so we can start sending out the log-in details for our parents to use the system, as well as sorting physical resources for our transition team to take with them on transition visits to our feeder schools. I’ll be finalising visits to the feeder schools, and visits to our school, and ensuring that as much as possible is ready ahead of the transition events.

I will use the remaining time to tidy up my filing room, enter a data collection update, and generally reset the deck ready for that first day back!