Enquiry form or Parent Registration?

How do you currently accept enquiries for Nursery or In Year Casual admissions? Do you use the Enquiry form or Parent Registration?

It would be great to hear how people approach these phases :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Elaine,

When I used to manage admissions in a Nursery I used to initially manually do it on a paper form capturing key details when a parent would phone in and make an enquiry. I would then enter those details on a s/s, ensuring that I added a Nursery start date so I could filter and communicate when required.

However, once I found Applicaa the process was much easier. I could add the contact straight to a group on Admissions+ and title it the year of entry.

You can then set up and easily communicate with new parents with template emails. The first email I would send would be one with a self registration link to capture key details - a parent adding details ensured that new pupil details were accurate and correct.

I had standard email templates set up to allow me to communicate at key points with parents.

Once we were ready and we were months away from the child physically joining our Nursery then we I would send the digital admissions form which when completed and returned online would automatically sync with the MIS and transfer all data across at the touch of a button.

Applicaa is working on many more enhancements to allow the platform to offer even more benefits to Nurseries - including auto time-tabling which will save so much time and remove reliance on spreadsheets.

You can read more about Admissions+ for Nursery schools on the Applicaa website Nursery & Primary Schools - Applicaa or feel free to email me for details too lucyclarke@applicaa.com :wink: