Are you ready for Secondary School National Offer Day? 🚀

What preparations do you need to deliver in school to ensure you are ready for pupils finding out that they will be joining your school?

Good question… I’m assuming that most schools send out some type of ‘Congratulations’ email to the families, but what kinds of info would go in it?

We find it helpful to “foreshadow” that further emails will be coming, so they don’t bombard reception prematurely with questions about uniforms, etc., before we’re ready to handle it… for example, we would mention that we’ll be shortly sending them some online enrolment forms to complete, that they’ll be contacted eventually about uniform measuring, etc., - just stuff to reassure them that they are walking down a well-trodden path, and that they don’t need to chase us about everything…

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Hi Jeff - As soon as we are informed who is joining our school we want to make sure that we welcome all new families asap. We always send a welcome email out with links to key areas on our school website that might answer any initial questions that the family may have.
We mention in that email that this is the first of many communications and we will be sending our admissions forms, GDPR, privacy notice, photo permissions etc at a future point in time.
Key for us though is to be ready to send out information to new families as soon as the LA send us data about who is joining us.

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I know it sounds risky in case you get the deadline wrong, but have you ever thought of scheduling a message to be sent by your mail client at midnight, or something like that? Actually, the thought of it is actually scaring me too much!!!

I think midnight might be abit crazy but scheduling an email sounds like a good plan!
Don’t be scared there is so much advice about deadlines and our LA was always so helpful, always sending email reminders to us so we didn’t miss anything we needed to do :wink: